Native to Docker

No command wrappers, No tricks, just pure Docker integration. We’re bringing together Open vSwitch and Docker to provide pragmatic Software-Defined Networking for container-based clouds. We package all components our solution in Docker containers too!


Familiar to NetOps

We recognise the value in our networking heritage and incorporate the best bits to provide a solution that feels familiar to NetOps. In addition, we provide enhanced troubleshooting tools, visibility and anayltics as well as providing a robust automation framework for DevOps.


wired networking

Application Friendly

Developers don’t want to care about VLANs, VXLANs, Tunnels or TEPs. SocketPlane provides a networking abstraction at the socket-layer. This enables developers to extract the best out of the network by expressing network service requirements in terms they understand

More About Us

Comprised of industry veterans from Cisco, Dell, Red Hat, HP and OpenDaylight, the Socketplane team is driving DevOps Defined Networking by enabling distributed security, application services and orchestration for Docker and Linux containers. SocketPlane is funded by LightSpeed Venture partners of Menlo Park, CA.